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Sturdy and Serviceable

lo entenderás cuando llegue tu Healing Buttsex

Pull up a chair. Make yourself at home. Have a ginger biscuit, they're nice with tea. My livejournal is your livejournal. Let me know if I can get you anything.

Questions that, actually, aren't that frequently asked:

Who do you friend? People whose writing has driven me to following them around and riffling through their trash in the hopes of finding a discarded sweatsock to add to my creepy shrine.

Can I friend you? Absolutely! I'm flattered! If you drop me a note in the comments telling me, I'll come check out your journal. If you don't that's fine too, but I probably won't notice you're there until you make several comments.

What do you write? Copyright infringing work based on characters and concepts owned by DC comics. Please read responsibly. I don't want to offend you, and presumably you don't want to be offended, but if you pay attention to any warnings, we should both be okay.

No, what do you write? Gen, het, and slash whatever I'm in the mood for. I don't feel the need to mention any special warnings for writing in any of these categories. I warn for explicit sexual content, and for extremely disturbing content, including violence. Email me if you must know more about my stories before clicking, I don't mind. I also tag my fic with no content warning or content warning, as appropriate. There are far more of the former than the latter.

Do you like feedback? It rocks my world! Seriously, tell me what you think, that you liked it, hated it, read it, anything. I like feedback on stories with moss on them, and random nose-blowings.

Me related places:

I think looking at someone's bookshelves is a good way to get to know them. Here's mine.

My fandom related bookmarks, including fic I like and want to be able to find again, are at del.icio.us/betty_fic. The "fic" tag is syndicated to milk_in_first. While everything there has my implicit recomendation, it is not primarily a rec feed, and correspondingly light on warnings. Please read carefully.

Things people say about Betty:

  • But I thought you preferred gen?
  • You're a gen writer? [...] Well I'll be damned.
  • [A] Wet blanket [who] should refrain from commenting unless [she] can contribute something positive and encouraging.

Things I am proud to be part of: