Betty (brown_betty) wrote,

Let's say you want to make a Stranger Things style christmas light-up message, but strangergif seems to be talking a half hour to load, and you realize the generator doesn't make a gif, but uses sprites.


Save and run this bash script:


for (( i=0; i<${#foo}; i++ )); do
wget -O meds$i.jpg "${foo:$i:1}.jpg"

Replace foo= with your message, replacing spaces with the numeral 6. I recommended putting a 6 at the front and back of your message to cause a pause.

Run the bash script.


convert -resize 400 -delay 40 -loop 0 `ls -v meds*` takem.gif

(convert is an imagemagick tool, you'll need that installed.)

jigger with the size and delay to get a gif you like.

potential gotchas: the spacer jpg is actually a png. Imagemagick doesn't care, and will use it correctly, but other command line processes may be confused. the strange ls -v is to cause meds1 to come before meds10, which could have been avoided with left-padding, but I didn't bother figuring that out.

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