Betty (brown_betty) wrote,

I assume most of us go through cycles of "UGH FANDOM IS THE WORST" and "Okay, this justifies everything you've put me through. You live another day."

So, anyway, Our Skin, Our Bones, Our Silent Poems is a Teen Wolf story, and a Stiles/Peter story, so I assume I've already caused most of you to stop reading, but it's also a story where Peter is Deaf, and Stiles is a child of a Deaf parent.

And for me, this changes everything? Peter as a gleefully malicious baddy is fun, but shallow. It's not got a lot happening. But this Peter is snarky and funny in a family that never learned to understand what he was saying, and loved them anyway, and was angry and alone. It's so much more thoughtful than Teen Wolf (not hard) but also gives depth to a character fandom is usually content to leave as a stereotype.

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