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Lizzie Bennet Diaries

My own attempt to create a Lizzie Bennet Diaries/Teen Wolf mashup never really took off, but I am probably just jealous of this series which mashes it with the A&E P&P: This party is super slammin'; are you fake looking out that window?

Teen Wolf Fanart

this one based on la Bete de Gauvedan. Gorgeous, and easily worth several thousand words of epic fic.
Obligatory Sailor Moon Mashup
pie charts. Do pie charts count as art or fic? (If you enjoy making fun of Teen Wolf, you will enjoy these pie charts.)
You have to watch for a couple seconds
I like how much attitude these have just in outline


I can't believe I have only one piece of Avatar Art: WILL MAKE YOU CRY. (Avatar represents strongly in the cosplay section, though.)

Original Art

Gemsbok centaur lady
Waiting for Klimt
Not actually Teen Wolf Fanart


Juuhachigou / Android 18: Her attitude is half the costume.
Best Captain America? I don't think her hair is quite in 'Victory Rolls', but it's enough like it to really work.
This princess Leia. Also, I would buy her a drink and stare at her in a hopefully non-creepy fashion while she told me about her day.
Batgirl of my heart: great photography.
Sokka and Toph. Someone get these two together for a photoshoot.

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