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Sturdy and Serviceable

lo entenderás cuando llegue tu Healing Buttsex

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Ways in which the Avengers film has already disappointed us all by not living up to the fanfic
Oh, Avengers movie: so disappointing.
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Everytime I think about the Avengers coming out I can't help but make the most conflicted faces because while there is bound to be a whole legion of new, epic, incredible fic (with approximately 11 billion fix-its for whatever Tony does that makes him even more of a giant jackass) there is no way in hell it can possibly compete with what fandom has given us.

On the third hand (which Dummy is kindly holding out) there will be a whole lot of pretty and ass-kickery to admire.


Yeah, I believe \o? is the correct, um. Emoticon? Gesturicon? What do we call these? It's kind of like an ascii semaphore.

I vote for Gesturicon because it sounds like a character who would fit right in with Thor. Possibly doing mighty deeds by slaying evil-doers with their mighty shrug.

Hooray for fandom! *makes a note of all of these*

I don't know if I'm proud of myself or sad that I've already read all of those Darcy fics. Moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar plz.

Thanks for the link to the Darcy/Steve fic!

I am already kind of looking forward to all the ways in which all the lovely Avengers fic will be Jossed (and then what new fic tropes will spring from the ashes). Also, wondering what will have been predicted with freakish accuracy as well, though!

I'm not worried that it will joss, so much as that it will be a let down after so much awesome fic.

Recognized all the ones with Darcy; think I have them all bookmarked.

I am also pre-disappointed with the total lack of Black Widow/Pepper Potts and Hawkeye/Coulson smut.

Pre disappoint! Disappoint early, avoid the rush!

(lj flagged your comment as "suspicious". Um, wtf?)

Your recs are the best! Much as I like the fandom I never go looking for fic and have been missing all this shiny in my life. Darcy/Steve! Steve getting Tony to be moderately less of a jackass!

So much fun!

If we share taste in fic, you might like the stuff in the stuff in my pinboard, which is where I tag all the stuff I read and think is worthwhile.

Oh, that's 'cause you're looking at the wrong movie. The one we're actually looking for is called "Darcy & the Avengers."

Shoot, when's that one opening?

Same Day as the Avengers but it's only playing on Earth 339. Damn MPAA.

I have actually read all of the Darcy/Clint fanfictions that you have on here, as well as a whole bunch of others. And I absolutely disagree with the being disappointed that the Avengers movie wasn't about the UTTERLY EPIC ROMANCE that is Darcy Lewis and Clint "Hawkeye" Barton. It's sacrilege, and someone should write to Marvel Studios and complain. I'd volunteer, except I think that I would probably fangirl out during the letter. Cause Hawkeye is like my number one favorite, hot guy in the world. Jeremy Renner even beat out Jared Padalecki, who has topped that list for the last eleven years. It's a sad day for JP, but a good day for me. Yay, Jeremy Renner.

Okay, anyWHO! I totally agree with everything you've said. That being said, The Avengers is still awesome. That is all. Go DARCY/CLINT!!! My Avengers OTP FOR LIFE!!!!!!

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