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PSA: Recover your delicious bookmarks even if you've been deleted
Emergency Delicious bookmark recovery technique:

If you cannot get delicious' export page to work, even if you cannot log in, because they deleted your account, here is a technique that may work, although I recommend doing it quickly, since it takes advantage of a loophole I expect to be closed shortly:

  1. Find your hosts file. All computers have one, but not in the same location, so I suggest google.

  2. Open up your hosts file, and at the bottom add
    # temporary hosts file hack www.delicious.com secure.delicious.com static.delicious.com

    Save the changes you've made.

  3. Flush your dns cache. On windows, follow these instructions, on a mac, use these.

  4. Go to the delicious export page. If you get a 404, restart your browser, and try again.

  5. Log in, using your delicious username and password. If it redirects you to new-delicious at any point, go back to the link in the step above.

  6. Tick the top two boxes, if desired, limit your export to a few tags, and hit export. Your browser should open or prompt you to save a file called "delicious.html."

  7. Put "delicious.html" somewhere safe. It can be used later to import your delicious bookmarks to a new service, or if you are hardcore, to retrieve your bookmarks manually from the html.

  8. Go back to the hosts file you found in step 2, and delete the lines you added.

Tips from the comments:
Windows 7 and Vista users, read "Edit hosts file in Windows 7 and Vista," and adjust instructions in step 2 accordingly. (h/t [personal profile] somnolentblue)

This anonymous comment outlines a method for exporting information about your bundle, as well as your tags. I have not tried it, but since the above method recovers only tags, not bundles, you may wish to try it.

General comments:
This technique adopted from one suggested in comments elsewhere, and pointed out by [personal profile] mecurtin. I will try to help people who have trouble, but I have neither a windows box nor a mac on which to test it, so I can only confirm it worked for me on linux.

If this works for you and you want to gift me a pinboard account, I would not say no, but honestly, I am selfishly glad if it works for you. I've always seen fandom's corporate bookmarks as a great fic-finding resource, and everyone who can recover their bookmarks is good news for me personally.

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