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Speaking of assholes, and re: my most recent entry, you can get a copy of the chart I linked, without my mousetracks on it, from the Fanlore entry on 'manpain', or from [personal profile] walkingshadow's original post, since I noticed some people bookmarking it, and to prove I can spell walkingshadow's name correctly.

If you didn't read the comments, I would like to draw your attention to some promising genres of assholes suggested in the comments:

Raised by Wolves: Among their people, this behaviour is normal! (Their people may be sociopaths.) Examples include Angel's son Connor, and that freaky BDSM ninja lady from Legend of the Seeker (Oh shut up, I only watched, like, the really kinktastic episodes.) Suggested by [personal profile] saraht in this thread.

Plot Obstacle Asshole: is a Magnificent Bastard who failed his charisma roll. He's an asshole because the plot requires one here, and for no other reason. You cannot sympathize with him, and you cannot even admire him. Discussed in this thread.

Alphahole: Apparently a term used in the world of Romance novel reviews, the alphahole is, if I am understanding correctly, the one who steamrollers over everyone else's objections and preferences because he's the alpha male, and this is for your own good! Term brought to my attention by [personal profile] gloss in this thread.

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