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Reading quigonejinn's Your Fixed Point, an Ironman girl!Tony fic which is fascinating in its very explicit focus on how being a girl would make everything different even if everything was the same. Warning: it goes to the Obadiah/Tony place and makes it exactly as horrible as it would be.

Dreamwidth is going to start selling accounts in about six hours, and they've got a countdown clock on their front page for those who, like me, find timezones confusing.

It's interesting to me that although the tendency is for us in fandom to conceive of the bodies of characters, to some extent, without troubling ourselves about the body of the actor who portrays them, we generally edit their bodies to be more fit. But Aldis Hodge is, at least to me, way more fit than Hardison, who is canonically the sort who counts everything his WoW avatar does as exercise. (Image hosted at and linked w/ kind permission of [info]skywardprodigal) I'm sorry, but my Hardison cannot do one-armed push-ups. (Which kind of means I have to lust after them separately, which is, of course, a burden, but one I am equal to.)

(Separate issue: we really demand a heck of a lot more fitness from our actors now than we used to, don't we? I mean, Shatner would never be allowed in a starring role, nowadays. I don't think it's a good thing, the way the body public is permitted a voting share in the body private.)

The TWC is calling for papers for an upcoming issue on Race and Ethnicity in Fandom, and it needn't be peer reviewed, if you're not strictly the academic sort, if you submit it under the category "symposium."

For those as haven't heard, [info]giandujakiss's new vid, It Depends On What You Pay is a pretty brutal condemnation of Dollhouse for its inability to say the R-word. (She includes a trigger warning, and I think one ought to mention also that it's pretty damn brain-breaking to hear Jerry Orbach crooning out "♪Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaape!♫") It got linked on Whedonesque to predictable results, if you've ever been linked on Whedonesque. (A couple of karenhealey's posts have been, and she always get three fanboys who follow her home to explain how she is a failure as a feminist for not recognizing that Joss is Feminist Jesus.)

Also, while I'm on vids, there is a possibility you might not have seen tzikeh's Close To You, an X-files vid, seemingly with the theme: "Somewhere on Alpha Centauri, there is a bathroom wall with 'For a good time, call Fox Mulder' scrawled on it." It's hilarious, and you don't have to have seen more than a couple of X-files episodes to really get it.

(Does anyone know if there's a hi-def download available of this one? Streaming chokes my machine, and I would like it on my harddrive to cuddle and name steve)

ETA: ALSO! I somehow forgot I meant to post this, but re: Wolverine movie and via sister_wolf, Five Signs Your Wolverine Might Be Gay, and Yeah, what about his fondness for musical theatre?, which kind of make me fear this movie. Please report back on the cheese content, brave first-viewers.
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