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Sturdy and Serviceable

lo entenderás cuando llegue tu Healing Buttsex

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So, I had previously encountered Kirk and Spock go Ice Fishing, but I did not realize it arose within a usenet tradition of "rude person" stories. The best -- Okay, the first one I read, because seriously, how could I not? -- was The Dialectic of Pon Farr, by Marxist Person, which contains the phrase "hotsky to Trotsky" and "Kirk yields to the logic of the class struggle." It is a thing of beauty.

For other bits of ancient history, see Two-Up Truly Queered - Jane Carnall, which, if there had been an internet then, would probably have caused the flame-war that split fandom in half.

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*reads The Dialectic of Pon Farr, dies*

Heavily influenced by the false consciousness of the patriarchal rural bourgeoisie, he does not believe he can achieve a libidinal cathexis through this particular praxis.

Maybe the best paragraph I've read all week.

I KNOW. And, seriously, she knows her Marx! She pulls in Gramsci!

That story *must* make it into the Grand Debate Over Academic Fandom somehow.

*nods* Besides, it's K/S; it should be a minor convention that examples of particular fic styles should be K/S (except when not applicable) for historical reasons. Kirk and Spock could be for theoretical meta-fannishness what Alice and Bob are for cryptography.

Yessssssssss. They are the ur-slash.

*cries laughing* Oh my God, I *remember* those 'Rude Person' fics. *dies laughing*


I mean, when it's not being fail, but STILL.

Oh, Star Trek, that's why I always come back to you in the end!

ahahaha the fanlore article has gotten into the topic of fanon on Spock's genitals and people can't stop adding. Apparently the topic is nigh endless!

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