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Support your local perverts

ETA: OMG YAYE! We've reached our goal, and then some, so please don't send me any more money! If you're someone whose money I've handled, and you'd like an accounting of how it was used, or a screencap of what happened to it, feel free to email me with the address you used to send it to me, and I'd be more than happy to give an accounting.

OMG YOU GUYS I LOVE FANDOM AND I LOVE YOU ALL YOU'RE SO AWESOME. How awesome are we? We raised $3000 for some awesome people in barely 48 hours, and Amazon caps donations at $50.

If you've been in the DC fandom for a while, you don't need me to tell you what this fandom owes to thete1. In fact, if you've been in fandom for a while, you're likely to know her: Te's been active in more fandom's than I can count. She's written a lot of fic, and odds are you've read and liked some of it. Also, she's the sex.

buggery never backs down from a fight. Ze never lets a wrong go by without opposing it. Ze holds hir friends to the same standards as hir enemies, and it's been an honour knowing hir.

In addition to being a swell crime-fighting team, and occasional co-authors, Te and Jack are united in their crusade for accessible living space; for over a year Te and Jack have been trying to find a place they can live in that will accommodate their accessibility needs. They need a wheelchair ramp, and they've found a beautiful place, with a lovely landlord, but the funds to build the ramp just aren't there.

hradzka has set up an account to raise funds to help them build a ramp. David (hradzka) is a fandom old-timer, and good people: I trust him, personally.

So! If you can help, do! Amazon will accept donations as small as $1.00 US. If you can't help out with funds (and not everyone can, there's a lot of great causes out there) think about linking to it so that other people who've known Te, and maybe drifted away from her fandom, can hear about it maybe help out. (David's giving away writing to raise awareness of his fund-raising, as well. (You could too, if you wanted to!))

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