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Promoting this to its own post, as it's probably the geekiest joke to ever happen in my comments:
[personal profile] marcelo In your brain's defense, XPath is probably what the Necronomicon's index is written in.

Also, you guys, I just realized what Tumblr is: it is 2010's answer to the compelling question: how can we bring back email forwards, with better video embedding? LITERALLY, YOU GUYS. You know those dodgy email forwards which warn you about how some political/social figure did something dodgy/heroic ("Ryan Goslling punched/saved a baby! Forward this to everyone you know!") It has the exact same property of "vague assertion, citation haphazardly attached, sent into the void with no means of retraction."

Behold: this email forward, spuriously attributed to Bill Cosby lives on at tumblr.

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