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His hair is full of secrets!
Things about the Avengers movie which it occurs to me I wished to say, but missed in my previous post.

After Iron Man I and II shod and shot Pepper's feet with almost fetishistic attention, Pepper had (I think) three scenes, and was barefoot in two of them and I don't think we could see her feet in the third. This cannot be an accident, but I can think of two or three reasons why:
1. RDJ wanted to get out of his go-go boots. He is not that into pony-play.
2. Joss is making some kind of feminist/"feminist" point?
3. Product Placement deal fell through.

On which subject I also wish to expand! Iron Man I and II were, let us admit, like a marketing department's jerk-off fantasy. You have a character who is, canonically, a man of wealth and taste: of course companies would wish to associate themselves with that brand. And they did. I don't think there was a given quarter hour in either movie where where a corporate logo did not appear. Well, probably in the cave in the desert. Marketing departments don't like the terrorist brand.

But I can't recall so much as a Starbucks logo The Avengers, which can't be an accident. I mean, maybe it happened? But I don't recall which brand of laptops they use on the Helicarrier, and usually that is the sort of thing they are careful to show you. So, is there an interview somewhere where Joss sounds off about product placements?

ETA: Via stephendann, there is a list of products placed, so apparently there were a lot more than I noticed.

Alternately, if Joss is making some kind of feminist/"feminist" point, I wish he hadn't used the MPAA's limited vocabulary to have Loki call Natasha a cunt. I don't think it's out of character for Loki, really, it's just not something that I want to have in my films.

Also, man, how did they get Loki's hair to do that? Was it a wig, or eight million extensions? Either way, I really like how bird-like it makes him look.

The one character, actually, whose treatment I felt slightly disappointed by was Maria Hill. I know she's been something of a cipher in the comics as well, and I realize in a film with a cast this big, you can't develop every character, but she was mostly there so Nick Fury would have someone to deliver his monologues to. If there had been a quarter second where we could have seen that she had a sense of humour, it would have been nice.

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On Pepper's bare feet: #4) -- Whedon has a foot fetish. No, really, he does.

I actually exclaimed at Loki's line (the one under discussin, I can't make myself type it). And cheered when Natasha turned it right around on him.

I'm pretty sure the Loki!hair is a wigweave thing. Hiddleston's natural hair is curly blonde.

Whedon has a foot fetish. No, really, he does.

So you're saying this is just the flipside of the Louboutin fetish? Fair enough.

When Loki said it, I actually jerked, and then looked around the theatre to see if other people had caught it. No one else was obviously doing the same, so maybe thy caught it or maybe they didn't.

Whedon totally has a foot fetish. River's bare feet on Firefly were front and center a whole lot. Happened to a lesser extent on Buffy and Angel too.

Also, I loved Loki's hair. While I'm still all about Thor and Iron Man and Captain America, I actually found Loki pretty damn hot in this one. Really, there was just a surplus of hotness in this movie.

His hair is fabulous, although I'm not sure one doesn't have to be Loki to pull it off.

At one point during the final battle someone - I forget who - crashes through a bus stop plastered with Jansport ads, and both times I sat there going "...Did Jansport pay for that? What an odd company to get product placement in this movie!"

Also very much in evidence in the NYC scenes: posters for Disney's The Lion King. Which is inevitable if you shoot on location in NYC - except the fight scene took place literally a block away from my office, and those ads are much more likely to be on the other side of Manhattan. So...interesting.

Disney bought Marvel in 2009, so the Lion King is in house work. There's probably a hidden mickey in the film somewhere.

Oh, I know. I'm just wondering how much of those posters were coincidentally shot on location, deliberately shot on location, or added to a set and/or post-production. I know I saw other posters/ads near them, but the Lion King ones stood out to me.

Nice disney icon :)

I figure that they probably covered up a set of existing non-sponsor boards with inhouse art :)

I'll try to remember to have a look

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the masses didn't even realise what was being said, but still, both me and my gf sort of gasped in shock/horror at that line and looked at each other. No one else in the row, or indeed the packed theatre even flinched.

I don't think it's terribly obscure, but... uh, it occurs to me that I probably know more synonyms for vulva than is perhaps average?

(I was going to say "more than the average bear" but of course, bears: not known for interest in vulvas. Vulvae?)

Well, I didn't really think it was obscure either, but I do think that people with larger vocabularies don't often realise that others don't share those vocabularies. I'm often bewildered when I use a word that to me seems commonplace, and the person to whom I'm speaking has no idea what I'm saying. It's certainly an antiquated term, though I'd think that people in the UK might be more familiar with it than people in the US.
My partner and I were discussing the efficacy of getting around the rating system when the majority of the people watching have no idea what it means. There was a poll on another lj, the readers of which are generally well-read (it's a woman who does a lot of book reviews, and not much else). She was asking if they knew what quim meant, and if not, what did they think it meant, when they heard it. Only two of fourteen (so far) knew the term. I'd imagine that's a bit skewed since they are a well-read group. The others thought it was a made up slur from Asgard, or something in a Norse language, lol

Also: do you remember where you came across that poll? I'm curious?

I'll see if I can hunt it down. I actually stumbled upon it by accident, and I've never friended her. It might come up in a google search about the phrase used in the movie, but if I find it, I'll link you.

also, that video...I don't even...

If I say that it is my mission in life to spread that video to as many people as possible... it would be a lie. But I would sincerely believe it while I said it!

No one knew what it meant but hella ppl in the theater gasped at the way it was delivered.

For the product placement -

A lot of the Marvel placements are done outside the film, so you have Shield Agents in mini-movie scenes that are product placement ads.

Oh, cool! I did not realize there was a semi-canonical answer to my idle ponderings, but of course the answer is that I just need to seek out the correct geeks.

I'm waiting for it to get covered on for the subtle(ish) ones :)

The one thing that actually felt like product placement was right in the middle of the battle as everyone walks off to do something and the camera just... lingers on a car's logo. The only reason I remember is that it made me and my brother giggle for ridic product placement. On the other hand, I'm VERY bad at brands so I have no idea what car it was.

My previous experience with the word "quim" is from the works of Erica Jong in which she expresses the opinion that is is preferable to any other synonym for vulva. I would've been more offended if the line had used the word "minge", which probably would have also not registered as a swear word on the MPAA's radar. And sure, using any synonym for vulva/vagina as an insult is problematical, but it was totally in character, and at the time, I thought it quite a neat dodge to avoid the censors slapping a higher rating on the movie.

Yeah, the line as delivered (to me, personally but I can *absolutely* see how it was not so for others) was hilarious. It was so archaic and so easily dismissed by Natasha's total pwnage three seconds later that it was like a parody of an attempt by someone to be offensive without really understanding the target's position on what could count as insulting. 'Minge', however, is in some ways worse than 'c*nt', as the 'c' word has sometimes been reclaimed and redefined, but 'minge' is just. So. Horrible.

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