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Need to find more situations in life which can be responded to with last sentence of quote below.
Due, no doubt, to I am a bitter old hag, there are few things that amuse me so much as an excoriating review of a book I have not read, and in this blog post (via metafilter) Christopher Priest reviews most of the Clark Award shortlist, none of which I have read. My favourite:
Of Greg Bear's Hull Zero Three (Gollancz) there is little to say, except that it is capable in its own way, and hard in the way that some people want SF to be hard, and it keeps alive the great tradition of the SF of the 1940s and 1950s where people get in spaceships to go somewhere to do something. In this case, the unlikely story begins as the interstellar spaceship arrives somewhere. The paragraphs are short, to suit the expected attention-span of the reader. The important words are in italics. Have we lived and fought in vain?

NVM, I see fandomwank has already got this covered:

This post also on dreamwidth (comment count unavailable comments)

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Agreed. I'll get right on that.

SO:When are you going to clean the kitchen like you said you would?

ME: Dude! Been trying to but you wanted to go out and I don't most of it I don't know what to do with.

SO: Why are you using that as an excuse?


lol Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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