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lo entenderás cuando llegue tu Healing Buttsex

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Man, those belts are inexplicable.

I know! I think I saw those on a video game once?

Undoubtedly in something by Square Enix.

Hey, have you seen the River vid "The Girl or the Weapon"? I think it's pretty good as an 'inside-River's-head' sorta thing.

Nope! Link pls? I have a deep love of vids. If you decide you want to download it, look at the end of the comment page. :p

I kind of like the promo poster, but that's more for the freaky horror bit. >_>

I kind of like it too, because I'm partial to cyborgs. But really, at a feminist SF con, maybe a slightly less dismember-tastic approach?

It's the makeup and carefully styled hair that really makes that one weird for me. Takes it beyond "ooh, cyborg!" straight into "wut? dismembered girl?"

And coy lady godiva staging, too. The modest cyborg sounds like some kind of Germane Greer text.

...And now I want to write The Modest Cyborg.

God damn you, Betty!

Yeah, that's definitely an example of "Did Not Do the Research" there. :/

I mean, I probably wouldn't watch the show based on that picture. But I'd save the picture to my "creepies" image folder.

Belts are handy, though. You can use them for so many things (carrying stuff, clipping things onto, tying things up, and so on), they're not as obvious as carrying bungy cords, and they don't weigh much.

I wear scarves a lot, for the same reason (even more versatile, actually).

Sorry, I'm spamming you.

One thing I thought fabulous about the show is that not only does it meet the Bechdel test pretty regularly -- Sarah and Cameron talking about plotting and strategy and tactics and also John but not John's relationships necessarily -- but it also meets what veejane described as the "Reverse Bechdel test". Derek and John and Charlie often talk together about Sarah, and again it's not in the context of who gets into her pants, but in the context of her being the boss and how will they fulfill or refuse her orders? I like that a lot.

::cough:: Sarah is actually played by Lena Headey in the show; Linda Hamilton was in the movies. And I don't think Headey is all that buff: she needs more muscle on her to actually pull off the stuff they have her doing, but it's Hollywood yada yada yada. She's lean but not strong-looking. Anyway.

Still, I continue to be enthusiastic about a show that has lots of women doing things, and that one of the things they do is blow shit up and give orders. This is good.

*facepalm* Right, I even meant that, or at least that Lena Headley is making a nod to the Linda Hamilton chin-ups, but apparently I am bad at to talk words together writing thing.

One of the things I'm enjoying about SCC is that generally, for a woman to be allowed to kick ass, she needs to wear a corset and high heels, and Lena Headley does it, often as not, in an old plaid shirt. Seriously, I didn't know that was allowed.

Yay! SCC post!

I... go back and forth about the show's strong women. But I do agree with all of your points here. I think what's really interesting is how much it's Sarah In Charge, rather than, say, Derek, or even John. Sarah's the one who makes all the major decisions.

Great post. I'm a huge fan of the idea of TSCC, but haven't been able to get into the actual show. I know that seems weird. I guess I really want to like it because I love both Lena Headey and Summer Glau, think the concept is interesting and love the tough-woman characterizations, but I've found the plots of the individual episodes themselves a bit lackluster. That said, I probably should give it more of a chance and watch more than five episodes...

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