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The un-compromising standards of journalism we've come to expect from Newsarama

Via Cheryl Lynne, and Funnybook Babylon we've got to ask ourselves the following question:

Which demonstrated a greater lapse in judgement, allowing this question to be asked, allowing it to be published, or trying to suppress the discussion of it by deleting it from the interview?

Honestly, I think if Paul Cornell hadn't responded with, essentially, "I can't believe you asked that question," I'm not sure it would have been noticed. Does anyone remember Frank Miller's "I'm ready for my fatwa," getting press?

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The first question seems almost fair enough. (Linking Islam with terrorism is, unfortunately, an opinion that is widely held if even on a subconscious level--not saying that it's fair or right, just that it's there.) The question allows Cornell to sketch a few differences between British and American culture in regards to religion in general and Islam in particular. The follow-up uhm, I guess, quip is where everything really fell apart. Asking that question is bad enough, but why was NRAMA's collective head that far up it's collective ass that it allowed that to be published?

The suppression should have been accompanied by an abject apology for their extreme lapse of judgement.

Yeah, I don't think there's anything wrong with "how did her identity affect her experience" but the uh-- follow-up makes it sound too professional. Jeepers.

Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Newsarama does not give interviewees pre-approval of questions?


Paul Cornell is kind of becoming my hero.

I am pleased that he managed to take the higher ground while not letting the guy get away with it even a little.

I mean....



Is this guy fired yet?

*sigh* Oh hell, I know he won't be. Considering, you know. Newsarama.

(I'm glad Cornell didn't just laugh it off or something though. I must say, the interviewer's apparent continued flippancy, especially after the PERSON HE WAS INTERVIEWING expressed great offense taken, pisses me off.)

Yeesshhh... how stupid can this get? I mean, come on... personal jihad? Holy war? What was this guy thinking?

Aside from not thinking, that is.

Oh people, can you not stop being stupid just the once?

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