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In a wacky not-precisely-a-coincidence ratcreature posted this and norah posted this the same day. Reading them back to back made me whip out the old photoshop.

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you make my heart sing.

*weeps at the staggering beauty of it all*

You are so wonderful. And I totally want a Fight Like a Girl icon now.

Ringside sells t-shirts, if you want one. :) So does the Rape Escape program.

This is where I once again encourage all women to study Gracie Jiu-jitsu 'cause omg so much fun. Also, a self-defense course like Rape Escape is good, 'cause jiu-jitsu takes a lot of study and training to get to a solid self-defense level.

It's weird. Everything I know about the Gracies says they're a pretty sexist bunch of guys, but they sure are good with women's self-defense, and the guys in my jiu-jitsu class, mixed-martial arts tough guys almost to a one, were the most supportive and encouraging group of men I've ever had the pleasure of doing anything with.

And I have so hijacked this. Erf. Sorry. *sneaks away again*

My ironic-use-of-icons applauds you.

Well done.

(If I sound underenthusiastic it's just because I'm currently repressing till I can find a better use for the rage the original scans evoked than destroying downtown Boston.)

This was my rage response, so I understand.

Berger Explains It All.

In other news, you are the most brilliant person on the internets today.

You really do win. Thank you. ♥

*icon: disturbingly apropos*




You have made my feminist rage less ARGH and more pointed. Thank you!

Forget how much this needs archiving at G-W; this post deserves its own domain., perhaps.

You are extremely of the win and/or the awesome.

I do so love you for this. And if I had any photoshop kung-fu at all, I'd try and mock up Nightwing in some of these poses. Perhaps I can give it a shot freehand....

*is speechless* You win pretty much *everything*.

dsaklhdgkhdh. That's it, I'm friending you now.

Okay! I hope I haven't given you the wrong impression. I occasionaly come all over feminist, but mostly I'm an internet pervert.


Also, you are not an internet pervert. You are a crumble.

Brilliant juxtaposition. I only wish we could sneak into the printers and do a quick substitution in future editions of the manual.


Thank you. Just brilliant juxtapostion. Brilliant.

Dead brilliant, this.

Based on this post, I am nominating you for Goddess of Brilliant Snark.

I am left humbled and in awe.


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